We are Datawrkz

Founded in 2013, Datawrkz began as a two-person company to show the world that digital advertising could be done better. Now, with 100+ people delivering this vision to clients all over the world, we feel we’re just getting started.

We focus on delivering incredible programmatic advertising outcomes to companies all over the world, through managed services and products.

From campaign optimization to direct publisher deals to proprietary advertising technology, we delight clients with our outcomes every single day.

We make digital advertising easy for brands and agencies. 

Our philosophy is built on the principle that our clients should get back a lot of their time each day, freed from the need to make difficult advertising decisions, confident that their campaign goals are being handily achieved.

We do this through hard-won experience, expertise from having delivered hundreds of projects for clients of all sizes, a maniacal focus on client satisfaction and a commitment to be completely open and transparent with our clients at all times.