Incredible campaign outcomes with
Amazon audiences and inventory

Harness the power of Amazon DSP effortlessly.

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Get your brand in front of new and existing audiences,
whether or not you sell on Amazon.

Precise audience targeting.

8000+ audience segments, powered by exceptional analysis.

  • Advertise with banners and videos on Amazon owned and operated inventory, including Amazon shopping, Twitch, IMDB, Streaming TV.

  • Move away from relying on 3p cookies and ad-ids. Leverage Amazon's 1p intelligence, audience signals and contextual targeting in your programmatic campaigns.

  • Or expand your reach to the wider web - still leveraging Amazon audiences (ask us how!).

  • Our experts will set up your advertising campaigns tp drive extraordinary results.

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Amazon DSP can supercharge your programmatic advertising across the funnel

Go to your audiences directly: Powerful insights and signals from Amazon allows you to get your brand in front of audiences where they are. Increase ad addressability by 20% to 30%.

Extraordinary campaign reach: Overlay your 1st party data with Amazon audiences for incredible reach. Gain access to Amazon Owned-and-Operated inventory, third-party exchanges, and private marketplaces to reach audiences you won’t find elsewhere.

Get access to 8000+ audience segments, covering high propensity to buy audiences based on intent-to-buy, purchase history, in-market, third-party and look-alike audiences to get your brand in front of buyers who matter

Platforms that matter: Amazon shopping (including the app), Twitch, IMDB, Streaming TV allow you get your brand story told in engaging ways in some of the most visited platforms in the world

Go beyond Amazon inventory: You can leverage Amazon audiences and target them wherever they are on the web, which means the power of Amazon insights and signals with the breadth of global 3rd party inventory

Protect your brand: Rely on effective messaging, manual site reviews and real-time bid evaluations by Amazon to ensure brand safety

Leave it to us. We'll configure your Amazon campaigns for outcomes

Our experts will work with you to understand your goals, audiences and business. We'll then configure your Amazon DSP campaigns for optimum outcomes.

Drive brand awareness, increase online and offline sales and reach brand new audiences.

Scale your business like never before with Amazon DSP

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