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Served worry-free.

From videos to banners, accomplish your campaign
goals with ease

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Audiences that matter to you don't assemble in one place. Fortunately, the experts at Datawrkz do. Get access to transparent, expertise-backed cross-platform media planning and buying with our Managed Services offerings for your display campaigns.

No matter the channel, we deliver performance.


Richer, multi-sensory advertisements can sometimes be the best way to get your target audience engaged.


Messages that blend into website content almost seamlessly. Preserve user experience and deliver powerful messages.


From podcasts to streaming services, get your messages to the right people at the right time.


Optimize your advertisements to where people often spend the most time – search engines.


LinkedIn. Facebook. X. Instagram. Any social channel, anywhere in the world – access the most relevant groups and audiences.

Banner ads

Get your messages to audiences in the classic banner format.

It doesn't end with just selecting a channel. We do more. Much more.

Hyperlocal & location-based targeting

Looking to serve ads to users within a specific area or near your business? No worries, we can do that.

Audience selection and optimization

Let us find audiences you never knew existed with our always-on analysis and optimization.

Objective-based outcomes

We will change our strategy depending on what you want done, whether that’s awareness or conversion.

CPMs, minimized

Driven by domain expertise and incessant analysis, we often deliver CPMs that are far lower than what clients have seen before.

Redefine audiences

Whether it’s 1st party, 2nd party or 3rd party data, we bring it all together to create highly relevant cohorts and segments.

If you’re comfortable running programmatic campaigns yourself, our self-serve platform could be a great fit for you

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Clients we work with are typically delighted with the outcomes we produce for them. Get in touch with us to find out why. It just takes a few seconds, but it might mean dramatically better campaign performance for you. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.