Advanced Programmatic Concepts for the Mid-Market: Connected TV, Programmatic Audio, and First-Party Data


Published August 28, 2020

As Programmatic experts, we often get inquiries from our partners in the Independent Marketing agency space about Connected TV (CTV) and Programmatic Audio campaigns. Many of them have heard about these channels and read about the ever-more-omnipresent options, but assume that CTV and Programmatic Audio can only be accessed when one has large budgets.

We noticed that we were answering the same questions from multiple agencies and realized that there’s a knowledge gap in the industry. There are many myths and assumptions that have restricted the mid-market from also leveraging the benefits of customer data platforms (CDP) for managing & activating first-party data. We figured it would be handy to collate our experience and knowledge related to CTV, Programmatic Audio, CDP, and First-Party Data activation and present it as a webinar.

This webinar was presented by our CEO, Senthil. He was joined by our Sr Director of Strategy and Campaigns – Mr. Mayank Khirwadkar – who was able to add his real-world feel for the channels based on his experience overseeing Datawrkz’s Programmatic campaigns.

The “Connected TV & Programmatic Audio For the Mid-Market: First-Party Data, CDP, and Use-Cases” webinar walked the attendees through the major benefits of these cutting-edge options, KPIs to follow to measure success, and industry-specific use-cases. The webinar also helped the attendees learn the importance of managing First-party data inhouse, how to operationalize this data for advertising campaigns, and drive results.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Evolving Consumer Behavior in the USA
  • Benefits of using CTV and Programmatic Audio over Traditional TV and Radio advertising
  • How to measure the success of Connected TV (CTV) and Programmatic Audio campaigns
  • How to manage and use the First-party data: industry-specific use-cases

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