A top 3 global quick-service-restaurant chain drives an ROAS of 15x through a multichannel audio campaign

The Context

Execute a streaming audio campaign across various devices, including mobile, desktop, and connected homes, targeting more than 75 designated market areas (DMAs) in the US.

Designed to cater to two demographic audiences, with a specific focus on QSR intenders who are heavy users of Quick Service Restaurants

The Strategy

Targeting 75+ DMAs with unique budgets, diverse creatives for each DMA and daily rotation and implementing day parting based on time zones to exclude late-night ads.

To run ads with special message where the ad is shown only when the outside weather is rainy or snowy

Deals with premium audio publishers & sellers (Spotify, AdsWizz, iHeartMedia Radio as well as data providers

The Outcomes


Unique users reached


CVR (Store rate conversion for the campaign)



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