A large UK-based digital media company drives an ROAS of 4x in a programmatic campaign

The Context

Client brands extend across tech, finance, gaming and sports in 20+ different languages.

Run cryptocurrency media campaigns with Datawrkz’s DSP

Create and execute a programmatic campaign for NFT coin with a minimum ROAS of 2.0 for the company’s pre-sale promotion​

The Strategy

Identify 3 key target audiences: affinity towards NFT/Crypto, gambling enthusiasts and millennials/Genz who are new to the workforce

Key targeting based on programmatic: domain whitelist targeting, contextual targeting (keywords based) and audience extension/retargeting

Geo-expansion across countries, direct publisher deals and innovative creatives

The Outcomes




Purchases in 2 months


Reduction in CPA from week 1 to week 6

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