Continuous Campaign Optimization Resulted in a 2X Increase in Conversions – An NGO Case-Study


Published December 6, 2021

A lead generation case-study for an NGO

About The Client:

A US-based international non-profit organization for child welfare. They are working people of diverse faith traditions in 19 countries to fight poverty.


The client approached us with the objective of generating quality leads for their welfare schemes that can sustainably donate towards various welfare cases.


We, at Datawrkz, followed a four-step process to achieve the objective of capturing high-quality leads.

1. Analyze past donors’ data to find some common attributes to refine the target audiences

  • Interests
  • Income level
  • Cultural affiliation
  • Nationalitie

2. Develop plans & offers for different sets of Target Groups (TGs)

3. Run integrated campaignstargeting multiple channels for better reach

4. Continuous Optimization for optimal ROI

This process ensured the most effective message will reach all prospects and thereby ensuring a high return on advertisement spend (ROAS).


Based on research and analysis of the NGO’s past donor data, we were able to find a few common attributes among donors that helped us categorize them and create ideal TG persona.

1. Categories of Target Group were:
    • Faith-Based – Churchgoers, Follower of catholic religious practices
    • Travelers – On the move, multiple out of town trips (It was also found that the majority of past donors are of Hispanic origin. Hence, this category was further subdivided into:
      • Hispanic
      • Non-Hispanic
    • Culture-Inspired – Interested in experiencing different cultures
2. Messaging & Offers:

Specific offers were designed to reach each category of potential donors with unique messages. The message also invited them to share their personal contact details to participate in the offer to win a prize The offers details were ergonomically placed on a landing page with a very simple to fill ‘contact’ form.

Here are the offer details for each category of TG

TGs  Message & Offers
1. Faith-Based – e-prayer on website
2. Travelers

To test the efficiency of the offer and response of the audience Hispanic audience was further divided into 2 categories.

      1. Hispanic
        • Preferred language English
        • Preferred language Spanish
      2. Non-Hispanic

– Free Travel packing info

– Mexico Trip Giveaway

3. Culture-Inspired – Recipe for different cultural foods

– Children gamebook

3. Omnichannel Targeting:

Three digital channels were identified to reach the target audience based on our assessment. These channels were Programmatic Display, Facebook & Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to utilizing available audience targeting, we also leveraged each channel’s distinct targeting capabilities for better reach.

Channel Targeting Options leveraged
Programmatic Display advertising
  • 3rd-party audience segments targeting
  • Contextual targeting
  • Retargeting
Facebook & Instagram
  • Proprietary audience segments targeting
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Retargeting
  • Proprietary audience segments targeting
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Retargeting
4. Continuous Optimization:

Multiple audience groups coupled with varied channels and context-specific messaging/offers resulted in numerous campaigns running in parallel. This complex setup required Datawrkz’s account managers to use their experience to handle these multiple campaigns with a keen eye to optimizing them continuously. This included constantly assessing and pausing underperforming pockets of each campaign and reassigning budgets to the tactics that were working. Following this approach, it was found that the campaigns running on Twitter are not performing at par with Programmatic and Facebook campaigns. Stopping Twitter campaigns resulted in saving inefficient spending.


Overall Performance:

Brought down the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 80% to $1.21 within 6 months with a continuous decrease in CPA every month. The average CPA of the entire campaign is sitting at $3.65.

Audience Performance:

  • Considering CPA as well as a total number of conversion, the cultural audience has been performing the best
  • The “Mexico-Trip” give away offer for the Non-Hispanic Audience has the lowest CPA
  • English Audience is performed better than the Spanish audience
Platform-wise Performance:
  • Facebook is the best performing platform in terms of CPA, with a CPA of $3.56
  • The display is also performing well in terms of CPA, with a CPA of $4.12 and has the lowest CPC of $1.42
  • We paused all the campaigns on Twitter

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